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What's Ahead For MS&MS

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There are quite a few things ahead for My Strength & My Song and we wanted to keep you in the loop.

We have five different recording studios that we are praying over and asking God to help direct our next steps in this area. We would love for you to partner in prayer over this, we need clarity and guidance from the Lord.

We are also looking into what it takes to become a non-profit. This is something we have always had in the back of our minds as a future goal for My Strength & My Song but due to timing it wasn't something we were ready to do until recently. Please be praying for God's timing on this as well.

We also got to meet with a friend today who owns her own business called Zig Zag Stripe. Her site has beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories, and we are discussing and praying about how we can support each other moving forward.

We have sent out the song survey asking what your top 3 favorite songs are, and we are collecting your answers. We have loved your responses and can't wait to finally make the reveal to you. Stay tuned!!

GOD IS MOVING!! And we are thrilled!!

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us!

Chrissy & Amanda

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