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We are celebrating!!!!



We are incredibly grateful and overjoyed that so many of you caught the vision and decided to partner with us!! Our Kickstarter went above and beyond our initial goal and we are ecstatic!!

We want you to continue to journey with us! We will be adding updates over the next few months to let you know where we are in the recording process. We're already talking to a couple different studios and trying to get a plan together to record this summer. We'd love it to be interactive, so feel free to ask us your questions!

If you gave for a reward, we will be updating you about those soon! Some of you won t-shirts and we'll be asking information on those. Some of you won the ability to vote on what songs we record, so we will be sending out a survey with information on that as well. Most of you won a free download of our music, so when they are finished we'll be sending links to download.

Our goal is that this fall we will have our music on iTunes. Please continue to pray with us as we take these next steps! Your support has been so incredibly encouraging and affirming!!

Thank you so much!!

Amanda & Chrissy

PS - If you were unable to give in time for our Kickstarter, we'd still love to partner with you! Go to:!connect/ca3v and click the donate button to donate through Paypal!

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