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Names of God

Sometimes when I pray, I’ll be honest, I find it hard to come up with the words for what I want to say. There have been many times when the only thing that comes to mind is “Jesus”. Sometimes that’s all I say. God has been continually bringing my focus back to not only the name of Jesus, but to all the other names we use for Him.

We posted a graphic a couple weeks ago with just a few of those names. God challenged me to look at the names used for Him that may not be as familiar. I found myself looking for His names in Hebrew. Just as each English name used for God show us a facet of who God is, so do the Hebrew names. If you’re like me, and sometimes only God’s name is on your mind when you pray, try using one of these instead. Something about speaking His name in Hebrew, brought a joy to my heart and uncovered just one more piece of who He is.

Here are some simplified meanings for God's Hebrew names:

Adonai- Lord, Master

El - When "El" prefaces a name of God, it means "strong one"

El Elyon- The Most High God

El Olam- The Everlasting God

El Shaddai- God Almighty

Elohim- God (Especially used for God’s sovereignty and creative work)

Yahweh- The LORD, I AM

YahwehRo’i- The Lord my Shepherd

Yahweh Jireh (Yireh)- The Lord will provide

Yahweh Shalom- The Lord is peace

Yahweh Shammah- The Lord is there

Did you also know that Jesus means "Yahweh saves"? When we declare "Jesus", we're declaring that God is our Savior! There is power in His Name!

Maybe you’re waiting on God’s provision (Yahweh Jireh), or maybe you’re walking through a difficult time in life (Yahweh Shalom, Yahweh Shammah)… whatever your situation, you can cry out to God… even if just in name!

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